Friday, July 17, 2009

Jalinan Budi 2

On 21st- 24th April 2009, HEALS had organized Jalinan Budi 2 at Kampung Meranti, Pekan, Pahang successfully. 42 students from any departments of our kulliyyah participated this program. Before this program conducted, all participants need to attend induction on 20th April 2009 to complete all tasks and final preparation.

By joining this program, participants can provide community services to the others and they get opportunity to contribute their ideas and knowledge as students. A lot of activities were conducted during this program such as tuition class, De tour village, movie show, coloring contest, exhibition from government agency, cultural night and others.
Slaughtering Demostration
Anyaman Class
Cultural Night
Exhibition From Government Agency
De Tour Village

Gotong Royong

All participants get a lot of experience and knowledge during this program. Besides, they also can improve their soft skills and public relation skills that can be practices in their future career as health professionals. Congratulation to all staffs and participants for your participation and good support. Thank you very much.

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