Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maulidur Rasul Campaign


The rule of thumb is... "You'll never love a person, until you know who he/she is."

Muhammad saw is the greatest person among all. He showed the power of words in changing human's believe and faith. Do you think it's enough to just clarify your love to him without even knowing him?

Come and join us! Let us proves our love to him by knowing him better. Let's us made our love stronger, firmer by acknowledging ourselves about him more and more! Let us Explore the journey of al-Amin from 23-25 Feb 2011, 8.00am-5.oopm at Multi Purpose Hall (MPH), KOM. Extend the words to others, let's show the power of words in spreading message! May Allah swt bless us.
~Wallahu a'lam~

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Election Day...

The heart may start to pound heavily,
But the duty call is a must that rebuff can’t be,
Regardless of how busy and tired you are,
Wrong decision made will leave more than just a scar,
So choose it right, vote with wisdom,
Since a mistake should not acquire any room…
Big day ahead... 22 Feb 2011
Don't forget to spend a bit of your time to throw your vote to your trustful candidates. Never take it for granted, because to change the future... every vote counts!!
~~A friendly reminder from the HEALS' blogger~~

The Manifesto Day...


The call for your duty have arrived... Don't forget to attend the Manifesto Day of Allied Health Sciences Constituency for the Student Representative Council (SRC) in Monday, 21 Feb 11 at Diet Room 1, level 5, KOM. Note that, the session will start at 12.15 pm.

So, if you simply do not know who you should vote, do not hesitate to come and hear to the manifesto given by Br. Luqman Hakim, Sr. Anis Nadia and Sr. Farihah for SRC 10/11.
Do not cross your paper blindly. Come and join us to listen to their missions before voting! After all, our future in IIUM will be influenced by who we vote...

Friday, February 18, 2011


Next Generation Leadership Course: Leader as a Da’ie ( by Dr. Yusri Muhammad )

Series 4: (26th February, 2011)

All the speakers are prominent in the area given and on behalf of the ENGINIUS, I would like to invite all student in your department/kulliyyah as well as young lecturer to participate in this course.


  • Engineering Students –RM 7.00
  • Students from another Kulliyyah – RM 10.00
  • Young Lecturer – RM 15.00

Hope to receive from student/lecturer participation.

Thank You.


Deputy Dean (Student Affairs)

Kulliyyah of Engineering

International Islamic University Malaysia

Tel: 0361964410. Fax:0361964463

*For those who are interested to join, kindly send ur FULL NAME, MATRIC NO to 014 8282373.

*We’ll find out the details and arrange for transport.

-from DDSA

Monday, February 14, 2011

Maulud Nabi 1432H / 2011M


The precious day in our calender has arrived, the date where Allah swt has chosen to light the world up from the darkness... 12 Rabiulawal
of the Elephant year.

Lets join the Heals Care Team member to march with the children of Rumah Kebajikan Tengku Ampuan Fatimah as a way to show our gratitude to him. Join us! From 8.30am until 12.30noon. Kindly send your name to sis Fatimah, 013 3083926.

Our selawat fall only on him... so join the parade and feel the waves within!

Rasulullah Insan Professional


Our dearest Muhammad was borned in a very isolated, rigid part of the world. Yet, in just a blink of an eye, he managed to change 1/3 part of the world! He was the first person written in the history. In the name of his Lord with his faith within, he lead the small number of Arab's army to conquer, and leave the rest of the world as witnesses!

Come to this talk, and you'll surely know him better! A talk about the messenger of Allah and his professionalism by Ust Mohd Gunawan Che Ab Aziz. On 18th Feb 2011, at Audi KOP starting from 8.00pm. Spread this message to others, show your love to him by your words and actions.