Monday, June 21, 2010

Changes in KAHS

Assalamualaikum wbt
Below is the new team in KAHS..




Deputy Dean of Students’ Affairs

Mdm. Narimah Daud (BHS)

Dr. Norazlina (BHS)

Head of Department (Basic Health Science, BHS)

Dr. Norazlina

Dr. Munirah

Head of Department (Optometry)

Br. Firdaus

Br. Afzam

Head of Department

(Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging)

Br. Zamzuri

Sr. Narina

Dr. Ibrahim from Nutrition Science department (he previously was deputy dean of students' affairs, KAHS) has returned to the kulliyyah. Welcome back doctor...

On behalf of HEALS, we welcome the new team.. and to the old team, thank you for your commitment...

-HEALS' Board 2009/2010-


~candlesky~ said...

waaah...banyak pembaharuan;)
Dr Azlina...welcome to HEALS ^^,

Nadirah said...

Tahniah, moga KAHS terus maju

Hakim said...

Congratulation to all....
May Allay bless your effort

gene47 said...

time to change..gud luck everyone..=)