Thursday, September 30, 2010



Khatam Quran Ceremony (KOP mosque & foyer)

6.00pm: Arrival of students & iftar

7.15pm: Maghrib prayer

8.00pm: Khatam Quran ceremony

8.30pm: Isya' prayer

Ijtima' Al Kubra 2010 (KOP Auditorium )

8.30pm: Registration

8.45pm: Arrival of VVIP

8.55pm: Opening remarks

9.00pm: Speech by Deputy Dean of Student Affair, KAHS (Asst. Prof. Dr Nor Azlina bt A. Rahman)

9.10pm: Multimedia Show

9.15pm: Excellence Award

9.25pm: VVIP refreshment

9.25pm: Appointment of Chairman, Time Keeper & Scriber

9.40pm: Report of annual program

9.55pm: Financial report

10.05pm: Arrising matters

10.30pm: Hand over speech by President of HEALS 2009/2010 (Br. Abdul Rahman Al Azmi)

10.40pm: Dissolving of HEALS' Office Bearers 2009/2010

10.45pm: Announcing new HEALS’ Office Bearers Line up 2010/2011

11.00pm: Motion & debate

11.10pm: Speech by HEALS’ President 2010/2011

11.20pm: Dua’

11.25pm: Photography session

11.35pm: Adjourn

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