Thursday, January 6, 2011



Haven't wash your vehicle for quite some times?
Well, let's get the job done without even getting tired!

Here's an idea...

The "HEALS Car Wash" program is coming back in the campus. Thanks to the Bureau of Entrepreneurship that it's approaching you on this very weekend. So, do not hesitate to come to Parking Lot CF Sister (near IIUM Clinic) on 8th-9th Jan 11 (1st session) & 19th-20th Feb 11 (2nd session). The offer is at a reasonable price! So, mark your calendar and be the first!

Spread the words to your friends and let makes benefit from this program to the fullest!

p.s. It's good to watch our cars/motorcycles being polish while enjoying ice cream... (yum! yum!)

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