Thursday, January 15, 2009

CENFOS viSiT 2009

Asslamualaikum wbt.

Dear HEALS members!

Our upcoming members from CENFOS will be coming to our beloved kulliyyah on dis weekend. So, all of you are cordially invited to cheer up their visit. The details are as follows:

Date: 16-17 January 2009
VeNuE : Kulliyyah of Medcine

For futher details, Kindly contact BrO.RamAdan (2nd Yr, Dietetics) oR BrO.HakIm (1st Yr, Dietetics).

Brought to you by: Bureau of Education anD Information, HEALS in collaboration with MEDCY, IpHA, and NurSSS Societies.


Jepah said...

saya ada kelas la abg admin...

As said...

hopefully everything goes well, inshaAllah

Szakif said...

aik? abes yang akan datang 1 Feb ni, sape plak?

oh kejab, lupa. diorang dah bahagi2 course right~

*referring to dak2 cenfos yang akan datang ke KOS 1 Feb nih;


To Szakif --> Yup.. ader 2 trip. Untuk wikend ni juz Medic n Allied jer. Thanks for da comment pal.

To As --> Ameeennn...

To Jepah --> If u've got class on dat day, sure u can spend sometime (lunch our) wif our junior k... Juz gives u suggestion.. hehehehe.. Thanls pal!

3p4h said...

Welcome to our newbies..

Selamat menjelajah kampus Kuantan! (Blog ni da promote kt adik2 dr CENFOS blum?)

If x promote lg, baik promote esok!

Hv a nice weeknd (",)