Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Luck to SRC candidates!

The SRC election is back!!! This year, our kulliyyah will send 3 candidates that will be representing KAHS.


Just wait and see!!

Important dates for SRC election:

16 January 2009 - Menifesto of the candidates
19 January 2009 - Election day

So, to all HEALS members, please Show ur support by participating in the electIon. So,


Thankss...! Wassalam


3p4h said...

Yeah... X sabarnya nak mengundi..

All da besh to All Candidates...

Jepah said...

undilah saya... =)


To 3p4h --> Thanks!!

To Jepah --> Hurm... Gud Luck yeah!

As said...

owh rasanya kena update election nye date, dha berubah ke khamis depan kan.

Kita ikut gombak, postponed sebab takde air.. ;)

pasti ada hikmah :)


To As --> Thankss.. Admin juz got da info last nite.. Dat time, admin almost fall asleep.. hehe... Neway, Thankssss ya!

As said...

sape ye yang admin kan blog ini?
I would like to suggest to invite those bloggers or HEALS members to be as co-writer in this blog.

Thus we cud have a variety of writing styles, mainly abt our kuliyyah. InshaAllah.