Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maulidur Rasul Campaign


The rule of thumb is... "You'll never love a person, until you know who he/she is."

Muhammad saw is the greatest person among all. He showed the power of words in changing human's believe and faith. Do you think it's enough to just clarify your love to him without even knowing him?

Come and join us! Let us proves our love to him by knowing him better. Let's us made our love stronger, firmer by acknowledging ourselves about him more and more! Let us Explore the journey of al-Amin from 23-25 Feb 2011, 8.00am-5.oopm at Multi Purpose Hall (MPH), KOM. Extend the words to others, let's show the power of words in spreading message! May Allah swt bless us.
~Wallahu a'lam~

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