Monday, February 14, 2011

Rasulullah Insan Professional


Our dearest Muhammad was borned in a very isolated, rigid part of the world. Yet, in just a blink of an eye, he managed to change 1/3 part of the world! He was the first person written in the history. In the name of his Lord with his faith within, he lead the small number of Arab's army to conquer, and leave the rest of the world as witnesses!

Come to this talk, and you'll surely know him better! A talk about the messenger of Allah and his professionalism by Ust Mohd Gunawan Che Ab Aziz. On 18th Feb 2011, at Audi KOP starting from 8.00pm. Spread this message to others, show your love to him by your words and actions.

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kame said...

Prophet Mohamed never use military offense to spreading his teaching. but then the time of umayyads had made big mistake by applying dirty concepts of spreading Mohamed teachings. This had caused the fall of civilization as God promised in Koran 'whenever a ruler leave the Islamic values, there would be a reformist among them, that rise fight that injustice'.. in umayyads timeline, only umar abdul aziz is the authentic human and vicegerent. May God bless him. in the time of the 'hypocrites khalifa', they were practising capitalism, fascims, racism and injusticism. The descendants of Mohamed and 'Mawalis' had been tortured,denounced and decried for a long time.. Quran told the world the nature of human.. it told the past and future.. May God show us the Guidance