Monday, February 14, 2011

Maulud Nabi 1432H / 2011M


The precious day in our calender has arrived, the date where Allah swt has chosen to light the world up from the darkness... 12 Rabiulawal
of the Elephant year.

Lets join the Heals Care Team member to march with the children of Rumah Kebajikan Tengku Ampuan Fatimah as a way to show our gratitude to him. Join us! From 8.30am until 12.30noon. Kindly send your name to sis Fatimah, 013 3083926.

Our selawat fall only on him... so join the parade and feel the waves within!


kame said...

After the story of Imam Husein murder in Karbala, people hardly tells the continuous story of Muhammad descendant.. The colony that protect Mohamed s.a.w family is the Shiites.. I think Shiites the most close to Prophet s.a.w way of think and life. The are the genuine Mohamed's descendants. Their practice made them as the true sunnis..

AkuHambaALLAH said...

Yes, you might be true in some points. However, we cannot simply judge people based on their descender. After all, Iman (faith) cannot be inherited. It needs effort and dua' to be acknowledged. And for that, we need to find valid teachers for a correct understanding (not only depending on our understanding form books reading) - as we might misinterpret the points in some manners.
[Just an opinion though, Allahu a'lam!]

kame said...

it is not about descendant, but knowledge and attitude of the knowledge seeker.. and also what is the story had been revealed for this long time.. is there anybody care about the continuous story? as today the celebration of mohamed day, do people care enough about his whole story? faith cannot be inherited, but knowledge can be learnt.. and sunnah is what understood by prophet.. and ahlubait is the close one that understood mohamed action.. action should not be copied blindly but understood accurately insttead.. erm.. teachers can be faked, but real teachers are anyware regardless their ages,teaching practices and heritages.. teachers is the best judged by 'inner side'.. it is not simply to be put as teacher.. peoples are masking under the cloth of 'Islamic'.. but to find truth is not by hatred others and kaffirs the others.. teachers take part to help us understood what is not yet understood and difficult..a knowledge need to be pondered to be sanctified hundred percent(only if u can)

kame said...

only if u can*-> as best as u can..

and read is a good way of learning.. and read can be in many 'forms'.. reading is not merely on sheet of paper.. do some others kind of 'read'.. ask when hardly to comprehend.. and clarify when develop new ideas.. neo idea comes with deep understanding of a basic 'things'.. hypothesizing helps to understand concepts easier.. heart is an important element to find the 'reality'


yes bro... i admit, u're right. it's good that u really did ur "research" on this. it shows how much u love ur religion, how eager u r to know about ur religion. Alhamdulillah... not many people left on this world that would die for the sake of knowledge. keep it up!
however, i juz wanna emphasize here, sometimes it's better to keep our idea within ourselves, coz it might sometimes deviant others. i'm not saying ur ideas r wrong (not at all!). u're a critical thinker... critical thinking is good to establish more understanding, to encourage more learning. it juz that (i think) maybe u need to convey ur idea with more manner, using the right language/terms so that people will never misunderstood what u said - we might be similar, but our ways of thinking r different enough for us to develop distinct stances. i'm sorry should there is any words that hurt u.